The Great News is that on April 1st Our Dream Came True

نادي بابل



Happy New Year, Akitu 7311
May the Lord bring you all
Happiness, Good Health Long Life and Prosperity.

The Great News is that on 1st April – our dream came true
The ” Chaldean International  Congress ” was born
Congratulations to All Chaldeans World-wide
We are proud for being a Chaldean

During these 3 days:
Our Flag was officially assigned –
Our Official National Anthem was played

Therefore we now have
Our Own Official Flag
Our Own Official National Anthem which was approved and blessed.
Our own Chaldean Media Centre and TV station in San Diego which was inaugurated by His Grace Mar Sarhad Y. Jammo

The delegation and members of the Chaldeans of all over the world came together, by the invitation, and under supervision of His Excellency Bishop Sarhad Y. Jammo, for a 3 days Convention, and collaboration. And after 3 days of hard work could formulate the most effective articles of association, and elect the most active and respected group of executives committee, representing the world.
The 15 elected members were sworn in by His Excellency Mar Sarhad Y. Jammo, on the 1st April 2011 (corresponding with 7311 Chaldean Year), followed by the Gala Dinner at the Christal Ballroom.
The 15 delegates and elected board members, are covering the World ( USA, Australia, Oceania, Canada, Europe, Middle East and Iraq).
Each and everyone of them will form a local committee in their area – and will become vocal in securing Chaldean rights in all aspect of social and environmental and other required fields.
We will ensure the past miss-representations of Chaldeans will be eliminated, and the in-justice done to Chaldean Heritage and language will be retrieved.
I am proud to be one of these delegates – with the duties of presenting our Nation, the culture and language to the world. and ensure the world’s governments and authorities become familiar with Chaldeans language and history and background.
I am sure you will join me in this movement to show the world that we are proud of being a Chaldean, and that our lord spoke, and most kings and educated nations adopted and cherished our language ” The Aramaic” in one form or another, as it was the Lingua Franca from about 520 BC for many centuries

May the lord bless you
on this very special day
of the beginning of the new Chaldean year 7311


Constantine Panousi

عن الكاتب

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